What a year this has been so far, as we pass the longest day, we still have some cold Winter months looming.

It has been great to speak with so many of you over the past weeks since you have been able to reopen and begin your daily lives again.

I have been hearing from so many of you that it has been a busy restart and that is also reflected on the factory floor here in Christchurch.

Many of you will have noticed that some of our processing times are taking a little longer than normal.  This situation has arisen due to a medical problem with our Head Spray Painter.  He is now awaiting surgery and will hopefully be back with us in full health.  So for now William has been using all his wonderful skills and many hours of hard work to get products finished so we can continue “supplying your moulding needs”.

Katherine & Jessica are shipping your orders out as fast at the product become available. We do appreciate your patience and support as we work to get your orders to you.


Did you know that by about July next year we will be a society that do not accept cheques as a form of payment?

I just recently had a conversation with our local branch of the ANZ who tell me that cheques are being phased out.  Which means that those of you who still use cheques to pay your accounts will need to move to Internet Banking soon.  Please see your local bank if you need help with this procedure.

However, we do also offer the facility to make payment by EFTPOS, or Visa & Mastercard, even by telephone for your convenience.


Yes, someone recently told me there were only 20 Saturdays until Christmas.  Spending all those weeks in Lock-Down has changed my perception of the year.  It has raced by so fast and now I am having to start thinking about Christmas!!


May you all stay safe & healthy over the next 5 months as we head towards the Christmas season.

Remember Crawford Mouldings are here to supply your “moulding needs”